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Our cloud-based brokerage service offers full commission on your closed energy contracts. Plus we take care of the quoting, accounting and licensing processes. That's time and money better spent. See how easy it is to get started.

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Enter your price request details. It just takes 2 minutes!


Get custom price quotes, PDF contracts and presentations for a more robust sales proposal.


Submit completed contracts to your dedicated account rep for processing and confirmation of acceptance.

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R.F.Queue vs. The Other Guy

If you are splitting your commission or working with a brokerage that has unknown "transaction fees", you're only getting a piece of your earnings.

for example:


1,000,000 kWh contract.003 commissionyour total commission:

$3,000/ year

The Other Guy

1,000,000 kWh contract.003 commissionyour total commission:

$1,500/ year

As a technology driven brokerage, we can operate with significantly less overhead. That's why we can give you the full commission and only charge small service fees for your active accounts.

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Awesome features

Easy To Use Web Portal

Access and submit RFQs from anywhere in the world with your custom web portal.

Customer Presentation Material

Bring more to your customers than just a price. Show them side by side comparisons from the most competitive suppliers in the market.

Advanced Analytics

Dashboard analytics clearly show your performance over time so you can better serve your customers and increase your revenue.

Quick Response Time

All quotes and documents are available in your online dashboard to streamline the closing experience.

Customer Management

Receive notifications and updates on all your accounts so that you don't miss any changes or forget when it is time to renew.

Advanced Customer Information

With company profiles, you will easily be able to access your customer's contact information and set important dates in your dashboard calendar.

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