There is a saying “Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights your way.”

For a long time, purpose and passion were linked to sports for founder Jamie Moriarty. This drive crested when he found himself competing in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics in 4-man bobsled.

In that same year post-retirement from the sport, Jamie embarked on a new opportunity managing operations for an energy brokerage. That traditional brokerage grew into one of the largest in the state of Illinois over the next three years. During that experience, he discovered a fundamental flaw in the relationship between brokerages and their sales agents. Both in his company and in the industry in general, agents felt as though they deserved a larger piece of the commission, were neglected by the house unless they were signing large users, and additionally faced many other issues that ultimately strained the relationship between the agent and the brokerage.

Jamie ended up leaving that brokerage to found a mobile app company, turning his focus towards group collaboration to answer questions and solve problems. He was never far removed from energy, however, as he started a small brokerage in tandem with the mobile app and ultimately applied his understanding of technology and the idea that democratization of workflow can solve problems back to his company, 326energy.

In 2017, these principles are further taking shape as 326energy has blossomed to include R.F.Queue – providing new purpose and passion. We are on a mission to change energy brokerage by providing commercial energy consultants with the necessary tools in order to put them in the driver’s seat of success at a fraction of the cost.

We believe that your book of businesses is just that, yours. That’s why we are replacing the traditional brokerage model: by giving you 100% of the commission on commercial energy contracts and not requiring a signed non-compete.

We believe that by leveraging technology, we can give you full control of your business. Our goal is plain and simple: to be a FULL-SERVICE energy brokerage that you can use to unlock your ultimate potential as an energy consultant as well as maximize the money you earn and deals you successfully close.


326energy was founded


R.F.Queue was launched

Winnetka, IL

R.F.Queue Headquarters


How did R.F.Queue get its name?

R.F.Queue came about by using the acronym for “Request for Quote” and combining it with a word that means a line: Queue. Essentially, when you submit an R.F.Q. through your dashboard, you are placing your request in the hands of your designated agent representative who then communicates with multiple energy suppliers to get you custom pricing for your quote. Although it is a queue, don’t think it’s slow. We work very hard to make gathering custom quotes from multiple suppliers as quickly as possible.

Can brokers make a living using R.F.Queue?

Without a doubt. R.F.Queue brokers cover a wide range of professionals - from individuals that broker energy as a side job, to businesses that use RFQueue as a way to keep their business costs down and focus on being exceptional sellers. What all this variety has in common, however, is that they are all able to maximize the revenue they generate by using R.F.Queue as their source for energy pricing.

What’s it like working at 326energy?

Working at 326energy means you are able to directly affect the lives of people and businesses all over the United States. Whether you are gathering the most competitive rates on the market for an energy consultant to help them win a contract as well as provide inexpensive energy options for their customer or writing articles to help educate and inspire, your work is making a direct and positive impact on someone's livelihood.

The culture at 326energy is just as focused on making the lives of our people better. We strive to focus on community and creativity while also providing as much flexibility in where, when and how often you work to get the job done. Life is too short and we don’t want our team working their live’s away. That’s why getting out of the office is just as important as being there for our customers.

How can I become an R.F.Queue broker?

If you are interested in using R.F.Queue to broker your energy, please visit and sign up for an account.