About R.F.Queue

A cloud based energy brokerage is a service that replaces the traditional brokerage/agent model by placing all submission and pricing online.

RFQueue acts just like a traditional energy brokerage in that we are licensed in the states that we serve and work with multiple suppliers to find the best electricity and natural gas rate offers for commercial customers.

How we interact with you, our energy consultants is different. We keep the good and eliminate the bad.

  • You get 100% hands on, dedicated, personal support
  • You get market information and education to keep you informed and up to date
  • You’ll see performance metrics to help you increase the revenue you can make per deal and eliminate the guesswork while simultaneously better serving your customers
  • You get the convenience of an online dashboard for all your request for quote submissions, customer presentation material downloads, and access to contracts
  • You have access to your customer’s contact, account, and contract information
  • you receive 100% of the commission. No more splitting with the house or unknown “transaction fees”
  • You control your book of business. There are no non-compete contracts to sign.

Yes we do. Currently we are only offering commercial pricing in Illinois. Our license number is 13-0645.

Currently, R.F.Queue allows you to quote electricity and natural gas fixed all-in and index products. At this time, we are not offering hybrid pricing or block and index options. We are also using the standard fuel source of the chosen energy supplier, but plan on offering green energy options in the near future.

Pricing, Billing and Commission Payments

When you sign up for an RFQueue account, you get 14 days to try us out. No credit card needed to start the trial. If you like working with RFQueue and want to continue using us, you will need to add your credit card at the end of the 14-day trial and begin the paid subscription of your choice.

If during your 14-day free trial, you completed a signed contract with RFQueue, you will need to sign up for a paid account as RFQueue will be the broker of record with the contracted energy supplier and will be servicing that account for the life of the contract.

We have three different levels of support for your business. Our prices start at $99 per year plus $5 per month for each utility account you actively price through RFQueue. Please visit our pricing page to see your options.

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time by accessing the plans tab on your profile. You will also have the option to cancel if need be.

RFQueue pays on a monthly basis after collecting all supplier commissions. We consolidate those separate payments and reports down to one and then send a check and commission statement to your address on file. Your check and a statement will contain all commissions received for you during the past month.

Using R.F.Queue

You can start signing customers up immediately. Your dashboard will be live and ready to receive your first request for quote. Once received, your dedicated account rep will begin looking for the best available pricing offers based on your specified requirements.

It is our belief that your clients are exactly that, yours. Because of this, you own your book of business, receive 100% of the commission, are not required to sign a non-compete and can move your customers whenever and however you would like.

To submit an RFQ, login into your dashboard at www.dashboard.rfqueue.com and click the blue button in the upper left that says “submit request” or from the menu by selecting “submit request”.

You will be taken to the RFQ submission page where you will follow the 3 steps to enter your customer’s information and the pricing details you would like for the account. Once you hit submit, your request will be sent to your dedicated account rep who will take that information to energy suppliers to get quotes. As soon as the quotes are received, your rep will upload the pricing, presentation material, and contracts to your dashboard for you to access.

After submitting a Request For Quote, your dedicated account rep will gather pricing and contracts for you from suppliers and post these plus the presentation material to your account within your dashboard. By selecting the customer account in your dashboard, you will see the pricing offers and PDF files for you to download.

All signed contracts should be submitted to your account rep via email. Please attach all pages to the contract as we do not accept partial contracts. Remember, all contracts must be submitted by 4 p.m. CST in order for them to be accepted.

Yes. By visiting your dashboard, you can view a list of all your customers on the bottom portion of the homepage. You can sort by many factors including customer name and commodity.


No. We are a small team, so we don’t have the resources to offer phone support. Instead, we work hard to provide top notch customer service through email support with your dedicated account rep and web support through our online help center. All our reps and support staff are located within the US and working hard to reply to you as soon as possible.

You can contact us directly anytime through our online Help Center.


RFQueue has included our business card template in the Sales Tools section of your dashboard. You can provide this file when creating your business cards, however, as it is a template, you will need to insert your name and contact information. The file is in Adobe Illustrator format.


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