When dealing with customers, we most certainly know the importance of a good first impression. This is called the primacy effect and it has overshadowed an even more important aspect of positive impression building. As it turns out, a study by Abraham and Edith Luchins found that the last impression is even more important as it has greater influence in the long term. Your last impression could also turn out to be just that, your last opportunity to make an impression on a potential customer. This phenomenon is called the recency effect and you can extend this concept to an often overlooked opportunity.

When you send an email, avoid the predictable sign off message and create a great last impression. Nix the “best”, “regards”, “sincerely”, “thank you” and instead choose to say something that speaks specifically to your client.

Maybe you learned in a conversation that they are headed out of town for vacation to the Bahamas.

Sign off with: “Enjoy your time in the Caribbean”.

Or they have tickets to tonight’s game: “Have fun at the Seahawks game tonight”.

If you want to focus on business, say something like: “Looking forward to solving your [business problem] with you”.

Whatever you elect to say, remember that personalizing this message will have a long lasting impression on the person reading the email. Don’t waste the space. Make it worth reading.

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