Do you know you’re wasting time? And since time is money, that means you’re wasting money as well. And even though this solution is simple, are you willing to make the necessary behavioral change? I’m guessing you are. So what tool can help get contracts signed easier and more efficiently? DocuSign. (And this is not an endorsed post!)

If you haven’t used DocuSign in the past, or have never heard of DocuSign, this little application can change your life. It has mine – allowing me to be more mobile and efficient than ever. DocuSign is an e-signature application that works on your mobile phone or tablet enabling you to complete contract execution without having to print, sign, scan and then email contracts.

By using DocuSign in conjunction with R.F.Queue, you can import contracts directly from your dashboard and either forward them instantaneously along to your clients – or if you are meeting in person – have them sign your mobile screen, making for a much easier and faster customer experience.

Sales professionals are always on the move and any method that cuts your reliance on an office while making you more mobile will speed up the contract signing process. DocuSign comes in both free or paid versions and can be downloaded from the iOS and Google Play store. Give it a shot. It’s guaranteed to change the way you get signatures from now on.

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