There is a lot of confusion online when defining the term Unique Value Proposition. The term UVP is often used interchangeably with the term Unique Selling Proposition or Point (USP for short), but the two are actually different concepts used together to create a cohesive brand strategy and message. A value proposition is an internal message that sums up the strategy you are going to use to be competitive in your market while adding value for the customer. In other words, your UVP defines who you are while the USP is a message to the customer about why they should choose you over the competition. The Right Concept gives a good example of how a Unique Value Proposition works alongside a Unique Selling Point in their Volvo example:

UVP:  The customer will feel far safer in a Volvo because they know their family is more likely to survive or escape injury because of the safety features.  This is of the mindset that all the engineers work to deliver enhancements to the car, and that has become the North Star upon which everything is evaluated.  

USP:  Volvo is one of the world’s leaders in automobile safety.  Current selling line is: Volvo. For Life.  This cleverly articulates that Volvo will be your lifelong car AND save your life.

Now that you know what a UVP is, use the following questions to help you determine your internal strategy.

What are your unique strengths?

Who is your customer?

What is your product?

Why should a customer choose you?

With a clearly defined internal strategy, you will more effectively communicate and service your prospects and customers. Without – your navigating without a compass.

A Value Proposition is just one aspect to the value-added selling approach. This method will help you gain the trust of your customers, win more deals and be viewed as a thought leader in your industry. To learn more about value-added selling, read our post titled Value-Added Selling: How To Transform Your Sales Process To Achieve Greater Success.

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